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About Greater Jardine Parrots






Jardines are affectionate outgoing birds that are full of life, playful, comical, acrobatic and entertaining.   Many like to play on their backs.  They love to play with toys, swings and run through paper or PVC tubes, etc.  They should have plenty of wooden toys to chew as well.  They are happy birds that love life and able to entertain themselves for several hours.   Jardine parrots also enjoy learning tricks. 

At around 10-12 months of age Jardines can go thru a nippy independent stage.  With constant handling this should pass in a few weeks.  Positive reinforcement training is important for all pet birds.  We recommend resources by Barbara Heidenreich.  She has a website, blog and YouTube page.   http://www.goodbirdinc.com   

Their diet consists of a good pellet, a good seed mix and plenty of fresh produce.  They also like nuts in the shell.  You can share any healthy food you are eating with your pet parrot.  They love to share as eating is a social behavior for them.  Foods that the bird should not eat are: avocado, onion, rhubarb, caffeine, sugar, fatty foods, chips, pop, processed meats, chocolate, alcohol, etc. 

Jardine Parrots are a native of central Africa.  They are a medium sized parrot at around 12 inches.  There are three sub-species:  lesser, black wing and greater.  They are considered moderate in noise level with good mimicry abilities.  They have a pleasant voice and are good whistlers.  Their lifespan is around 15-30 years.  

Jardines are gaining in popularity as more people realize the wonderful pets that they are. 

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