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 List of Canadian Avian Veterinarians

List taken from the Association of Avian Veterinarians 
Also from bird owners who let us know of a vet they are using.
If you have a vet you are using and like let us know.  info@parrotplace.ca 

British Columbia

Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann
102-2100 Whatcom Road, Abbotsford, B.C.
Night Owl Bird Hospital
Ph. (604)734-5100
Central Saanich Animal Hospital
Dr. Meg Lainson
1782 Stelly’s X Road, Saanichton, BC


Chris Collis
103-3145 Jacklin Road , Victoria , BC 

Dr.Sharon Prus

7380 King George Highway




Eagle Ridge Animal & Bird Hospital
Dr. Allan Stockley
2599 Runnell Dr
Coquitlam, V3E 1S3
Phone: (604)464-3343
Sidney Animal Hospital
Dr. Jenni Bass
9842 Second Street, Sidney, B.C.
Jade Bay Veterinary Services
Linda Kaplan
4110 Evans Road
Oyama, V4V 2E9
Phone: (250)548-3777
Fax: (250)548-3701
Westbank Animal Care Hospital
Dr. Darcy Rae
2429 Drought Road, Westbank, BC


Island Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Christina Langelier


Avenida All Pet Clinic
Irene Phillips
607, 12445 Lake Frasier Dr. SE
Calgary, T2J 7A4
Delton Veterinary Hospital
Ken Keeler
8203-127 Ave
Edmonton, T5W2E2
Phone: 1-780-475-9225
Fax: 1-780-475-1403
Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic
Kerry Korber
3118 17th Ave SW,
Calgary, T3E 0B2
Phone: 403 240-3577
Fax: 403 249-8160

Virginia Honeyman
PO Box 3036, Station B
Calgary, T2M 4R8
Phone: 403 232-9391
Fax: 403 237-8318

Sylvia Stauffer
126 8060 Silversprings Blvd. NW
Calgary, T3B 5K1
Phone: 403-28-6557
Fax: 403 286-9897




Western College of Veterinarian Medicine 
Dennilyn Parker (avian certified)
(306) 966-7126
Gardiner Park Animal Hospital
Dr. Patrick Bardutz
330 Gardiner Park Crt,  
Regina, SK  Ph (306)721-1022
Albert North Vet Clinic
Dr. Tracy Fisher 
216 McIntrye St, Regina,  SK  
Ph (306)545-7211
Wascana Animal Hospital
3259 Eastgate Dr,  Regina, SK 
Ph (306)789-0918 or (306)789-6588


Animal Ark Veterinarian Services
Dr. Lisa Sawka
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 897-2247
Centennial Animal Hospital
Dr. Heather McDonald
Dr. Hickling
2747 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, R3T 2H5
Phone: 204-269-8162
Fax: 204-261-1192

Best Friends Animal Hospital
Dr. Nancy McQuade
100-2355 McGillivary Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0A1
Phone: 204-269-4451
Fax: 204-269-4960
Whyte Ridge Veterinarian Hospital
Dr. Andrew Davidson
151 Scurfield Blvd.
Fort Gary, MB   R3Y 1L6
(204) 487-6090

Winrose Animal Hospital
534 St. Anne's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
PH: (204) 254-3150
FAX: (204) 256-4495
E-MAIL: winrosevet@shaw.ca
PH: (204) 254-3150

For a complete list of Winnipeg veterinarians go to the  
Manitoba Veterinarian Association


Amherst Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Hester
Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario
(416) 261-3322
Anderson Veterinary Clinic
Jim Holmes
1200 Rossland Rd. East
Whitby, L1N 8H3
Phone: 1-905-666-4004
College Manor Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Allan Donais
869 Mulock Dr. Unit 2
Newmarket, Ont. L3Y 8S3
Phone: 905-853-4706

Animal Hospital of High Park

3194 Dundas St W.
Phone: 416-763-4200

Dr Karen Regan (Owner and over twenty year experience)
Dr Robin Lane (Avian Board Certified)
Dr Jennifer Thompson
Dr Ginger Louws

Kay Hampton
Phone: 705 268-7387

Bells Corners Animal Hospital
Donald McKiel
326 Moodie Drive
Phone: 613 820-1641
Fax: 613 820-7131
Kingsville Animal Clinic
Anthony Braithwaite
228 Division Road North
Kingsville, ON N9Y 1E4
Phone: 519 733 5450
Fax: 519 733 4821
Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic
Wendy Korver
2826 King St. E.
Phone: 905-623-4431
Fax: 905-623-1309

Larry Graham
1606 King Street E
Camridge, N3H 3R7
Phone: 519 653-7232
Fax: 519 650-3322

Brack Animal Hospital
Darlene House
2621 Howard Ave
Windsor, N8X 3W7
Phone: 519 966-1020
Fax: 519 966-4745
LaSalle Anim Clinic
Janice Vannevel
1560 LaSalle
Sudbury, P3A 1Z7
Phone: 705 560-7226
Britannia Animal Hospital
John Valsamis
3755 Britannia Rd. West
Mississauga, L5N 7X6
Phone: 905-824-7387
The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic
Rick Axelson
41 The Links Rd
Toronto, M2P 1T7
Phone: 416-223-1165
Fax: 416-223-1560
Burloak Animal Clinic
Dr. Zenker
3060 Lakeshore Rd
Oakville, Ont.
Phone: 905-827-117
Lynwood Animal Hospital
Robin Roscoe
30 Thorncliffe Pl.
Nepean, ON K2H 6L2
Phone: (613)820-0443

Fax: (613)820-7458
Campus Estate Animal Hospital in Guelph


Michele Pilotte
5435 Chemin Chambly
St. Hubert, QC J3Y-3P2
Phone: 450-443-1461
Fax: 450-443-5930

Marie-Josee Hamel
45809 Chemin Chambly
St Hubert, J3Y 3M8
Phone: 514 443-1461
Fax: 514 443-5930

Bird and Exotic Veterinary Hospital
Owned by Dr. Corina Lupu
Dr Beaulieu
6090 Sherbrooke W.
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 486-5258
Hopital Vétérinaire Taché
Christine Chouinard
379 Tache boulevard
Hull, J9A 1M4
Phone: 819-777-5583
Fax: 819-777-7483
Denis Lefebvre
2151 Boul. des Forges
Trois-Rivières, G8Z 1T9
Phone: (819)374-8535
Fax: (819)370-3084
Hospital Veterinaire Laurier
Christian D'orangeville
267 Laurier W
Montreal, H2V-2K1
Phone: 514-277-0977
Université de Montréal 
[Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire, Bibliothèque de Médecine Vétérinaire]
Dr. Julie Hebert
Veterinary Hospital
Autoroute 440
1676 Boul des Laurentides
Vimont, Laval


Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories


Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Veterinarian College

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