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Bird Clubs of Canada

bullet Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
bullet The Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society of Canada (Inc.)
bulletCanadian Lory Group (e-mail only)
bullet Canadian Parrot Symposium
bulletThe Hookbill & Foreign Bird Association (e-mail only)
bullet Parrot Association of Canada
bullet World Parrot Trust

British Columbia

bulletThe British Columbia Avicultural Society
bullet British Columbia Exotic Bird Society. 
bullet Central Island Bird Club
bullet Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
bulletMid Island - Powell River Bird Club  (e-mail only)
bulletOkanogan Bird Club
bullet Vancouver Canary Club
bullet Vancouver Island Cage Bird Society
bulletVancouver Island Canary Association  (e-mail only)
bullet Western Canada Budgerigar Association



bulletAlberta Exotic Bird Society,  403-686-7021
bullet Alberta Parrot Association
bullet The Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society of Canada (Inc.)
bulletCalgary Canary Club  (e-mail only)
bullet Calgary Parrot Club
bulletEdmonton Avicultural Association
bullet Edmonton Pet Parrot Association
bullet Northern Alberta Cage Bird Society
bullet Western Canada Budgerigar Association


bulletSaskatchewan Cage Bird Society
bullet Saskatoon Pet Bird Society


bulletCage & Aviary Bird Club
bulletManitoba Canary & Finch Club

Parrot Club of Manitoba



bullet American Singer Canary Club
bullet Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society
bulletCage Bird Society of Hamilton (e-mail only)
bullet Canadian Assoc. of Colorbred Canaries
bullet Canadian Dove Association
bulletCanadian Finch & Softbill Society (e-mail only)
bullet Canadian Gloster Club
bullet Durham Avicultural Society of Eastern Ontario
bullet Essex Kent Cage Bird Society  
bullet Golden Triangle Parrot Club
bulletHamilton & District Budgerigar & Cage Bird Society
bulletHookbill & Foreign Bird Association
bullet Huron & Perch County Parrot Club
bullet London and District Cage Bird Association
bulletNapoleon Foundation
bullet Ottawa Bird Fanciers
bulletThe Ottawa Parrot Club
bullet Ontario Parrot Owners Association
bullet Parrot Club of South-western Ontario
bulletSt. Catherines Bird Club  (e-mail only)
bulletThunder Bay Pet Bird Club  (e-mail only)
bulletToronto Parrot Club (e-mail only)
bullet York Region Parrot Club


bullet Amateurs d'oiseaux du Centre du Quebec
bulletAssoc. des Amateurs d'Oiseaux de la Mauricie,  (819) 367-2621 
bulletAssociation quebecoise des amateurs de perroquets (AQAP) (e-mail only)
bullet Association des eleveurs d'oiseaux de Montreal  
bulletAvicultural Association of Montreal (e-mail only)
bulletClub Ornithologue Laval Quebec (e-mail only)
bullet Montreal Cage Bird Society  (Club d'amateurs d'oiseaux de Montreal Inc.)
bulletNapoleon Foundation  (e-mail only)

New Brunswick

bullet Greater Moncton Caged Bird Club

Nova Scotia



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