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To be included on this list just drop us an e-mail.  This list is not an endorsement of any breeder listed and breeders are in alphabetical order.  BC Avian vets and Bird Clubs are listed at bottom of page.  Please let us know of any changes you may have.  Thank you.

*  If your aviary is in red it means that your contact info is not working.  Please email us  the correct info before we delete you.

British Columbia Bird Breeders

Breeder Name & Address


Athan Wings Aviary
Athan Ferrer
Vancouver, BC
(604) 338-7103
email  ( 
bulletPacific Parrotlet: American White (Dilute Blue), American Yellow (Dilute), Blue, Pastel, and Split White, Yellow, Blue, Green.
bulletCanary: German Roller, Red Factor
Birds Exotic Aviary
Bonnie Sawyer
Maple Ridge, BC
bulletLovebirds: Fancy, Opaline, Black mask, White face, Peach


Brian Borrett
Vancouver Island, BC
(250) 954-0608

email  ( )

bulletBreeder Fife Canaries
Crimson Sky Aviaries
Jack Tataryn
Vancouver, BC
e-mail me  ( )


bulletRingneck Dove mutations, Diamond Doves
bulletFinches: Java, Saffron
bulletIndian Fantails
bulletNuns Pigeons
Gord Dyck
Kelowna, BC
(250) 762-4052
bulletDoves: Diamond

Falconry Canada

bullet  A list of Falcon breeders in Canada
Fantasy Flights
Maple Ridge, BC
bulletConures:  Green cheek, Pineapple, Yellowsided
bulletLinnies:  All mutations
Hixon Exotic Caged Birds
(250) 998 4803

bulletCockatiels: Both orange cheeked (regular) and white faced
bulletConures: Green Cheeks, Yellow sided, Cinnamon, Pineapple, Pearlie, Turquoise (Blue) and Sun
Linda's Lil'l Lovies
Linda Kelly
Nanaimo, BC
(250) 753-0909
bulletPeachface Lovebirds:  Many color mutations
bulletFinches: Gouldian
Linda's Parrotlets and More
Vancouver, B.C.
e-mail me  ( )
bulletPyrrhura Conures: Green cheek mutations, Yellowsided, Pineapple, Cinnamon and Turquoise
bulletPacific Parrotlets:  Blues, Greens and American Yellows and Whites
bulletPoicephalus Parrots: Meyers, Senegals, Red Belly and Brownhead
Little Footprints Aviary
Kelowna, BC 
Ph. (250) 868-9674

Band #: LFA
bulletConure:  Green cheek, Crimson Bellied
MLFeathers Aviary
Lower mainland, BC
bulletLovebirds: Peachface, Fischer's, Black masked, Black-cheeked
bulletFinches: English Zebra, Euro and Pearl Society, Forbes Parrot, Shafftail
bulletBourkes Parakeets


Nightingale Valley
Axel Voeltz
Lasqueti Island V0R 2J0
Lake RD
e-mail ( )
bulletShamas: White-Rumped, Blacktailed
bulletPeking Robin
bulletOther Songbirds
bulletTo Come:  Kakarikies (Yellow); Kings, Redwing, Hooded, Goldenshoulder, Many colored parrots, Neophemas & div. Rosellas.
Reg Nixon
Victoria, B.C.
bulletCanaries:  Fife, Border, Gloster, European
bulletFinch:  Zebra
Out of the Blue
Stefanja Dumanowski
Vancouver Island, BC
e-mail me  (
Pacific Rim Aviary
Port Alberni, B.C. (Vancouver Island)
Petite Paws
Christina & Rob Ham
The Bird Cage Aviary
Cobble Hill, B.C.

bulletAfrican Greys
bulletConures:  Green cheek, Fiery shoulder
bulletPionus:  Maximillian 
bulletCustom made Swings: fleece swings, dowel swings & orbit swings
Ponytail Joes
Ph (250) 448-1997
Fax (250) 448-1845
email me  ( )
bulletAfrican Greys: Congo
bulletCaiques:  Black Headed, White Bellied
bulletMacaws:  Illiger's 
bulletConures:  Sun, Janday, Painted White-eared, Crimson Bellied, Perly's
bulletLovebirds: Fischers: normal, lutino, blue spangled, yellow, blue, albino, cobalt violet; Black-cheeked: Cobalt Blue, Mauve, violet; Abyssinian, Masked cobalt violet, Masked cobalt spangled
bulletParrotlets:  Pacific, Blue pacific, Split Blue pacific
bulletRosella: Golden Mantel
bulletKakariki: Orange Front
bulletRed Rump Parakeets
Rainbow Country Aviary
Chilliwack and Surrey
(604) 792-4663

bulletFinches:  Gouldian Finches
Red Wing Aviary
Albert Varda
N. Vancouver, BC
(604) 929-8151 after 6.00 p.m
e-mail me  ( )
bullet Canaries:  Show quality colourbred canaries; red lipochrome and mosaic, bronze, agate, rec.white, yellow, and other colours
Shades of Green Aviary
Robert [Bob] and Jacquie Scott
Nanaimo, B.C.
(250) 722-2838
bulletMacaws: Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Hyacinth,  Greenwing
S&J Exotics Aviary
Prince George, BC
(250) 962-2148
email  (
bulletCockatoos: Moluccan
bulletLovebirds: Peachface
bulletMacaws: Harlequin, Blue & Gold
bulletParrotletsPacific Green, Blue
Sweetheart Parrots
Brent & Chandra Pearson
Trail, BC
P: 250-368-3326
C: 250-232-3328

Leg Band: SHP
bulletBudgies:  all varieties!
bullet Conures: Green Cheek, Black capped, Painted
bulletLovebirds:  American Cinnamon, Dutch Blue, Lutino and more
bulletIndian Ringnecks
bulletParrotlets:  Turquoise-tinted Blue, Blue, Paster/marbled, Green
bulletSenegal Parrots


TalkBirdy2Me Aviary
Chillowack, BC
bulletCockatiels: handraised
Taylormade Aviaries
Victoria, BC
e-mail me ( )
bulletConures: Black-cap (Rock)
bulletLories: Black-caps, Yellow-bibs, Goldies, Blacks
bulletLory foods
bulletHanging Parrots: Blue-crown
bulletMeyer's: Blue-bellied



BC Avian Veterinarians:   (if you know of others let us know)
List taken from the Association of Avian Veterinarians: 
Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann
102-2100 Whatcom Road, Abbotsford, B.C.
Central Saanich Animal Hospital
Dr. Meg Lainson
1782 Stelly’s X Road, Saanichton, BC


Jade Bay Veterinary Services
Linda Kaplan
4110 Evans Road
Oyama, V4V 2E9
Phone: (250)548-3777
Fax: (250)548-3701
Chris Collis
103-3145 Jacklin Road , Victoria , BC 
Eagle Ridge Animal & Bird Hospital
Hugh Upjohn
2599 Runnell Dr
Coquitlam, V3E 1S3
Phone: (604)464-3343

Island Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Christina Langelier


Dr.Sharon Prus
7380 King George Highway
Night Owl Bird Hospital
Ph. (604)734-5100

Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Ross
5434 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 3M4

Sidney Animal Hospital

Dr. Jenni Bass
9842 Second Street, Sidney, B.C.

Westbank Animal Care Hospital

Dr. Darcy Rae
2429 Drought Road, Westbank, BC

Parrot Clubs of British Columbia:

bullet Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
bulletThe British Columbia Avicultural Society
bulletBird World Canada
bullet British Columbia Exotic Bird Society. 
bullet The Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society of Canada (Inc.)
bulletCanadian Lory Group (e-mail only)
bullet Canadian Parrot Symposium
bulletCanadian World Parrot Trust
bullet Central Island Bird Club
bullet Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
bulletThe Hookbill & Foreign Bird Association (e-mail only)
bulletMid Island - Powell River Bird Club  (e-mail only)
bulletOkanogan Bird Club
bullet Parrot Association of Canada
bullet Vancouver Canary Club
bullet Vancouver Island Cage Bird Society
bulletVancouver Island Canary Association  (e-mail only)
bullet Western Canada Budgerigar Association
bullet World Parrot Trust

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