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Eclectus Parrot

(Macgillivray, Solomon Island, Red-sided, Vosmaeri, Aruensis, Biaki, Cornelia's, Riedeli's, Westermani)

Picture of Male Eclectus (Romeo)  from Toews Parrot Place

Picture of Female Eclectus (Ruby) from Toews Parrot Place





Eclectus 40-60 yrs. 12-14 in. 375-550 Moderate Excellent Low/Moderate Outgoing, even-tempered with sweet personalities.

Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus Parrot originates in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Australia, and the surrounding islands.  Eclectus are very good flyers and are seen flying high above the forest canopy, they keep mostly to the treetops.  They nest in tree cavities high in the forest trees.  

There are eight sub species of Eclectus, each varying in colour and size.  

Generally speaking the male Eclectus Parrot is a emerald green with red under his wings.  He has blue flight feathers and a orange/yellow beak with a black lower mandible.  The female Eclectus Parrot is mostly burgundy with red on the head and neck with a all black beak.  The Solomon Island & Red Sided female Eclectus have a blue eye ring and a red breast bib with blue flight feathers.  Eclectus are between 33 cm - 40 cm long with a wing length between 230 mm - 300 mm depending on the sub-species.  

Eclectus have been noted to freeze (stand still) when confronted with a unfamiliar situation  or strangers.  In a familiar surrounding with people they know they are intelligent, curious, playful, and quite active.    

Both the male and the female have equal speaking ability and both can become good mimics as well as learn to communicate cognitively.  Many believe that the Eclectus Parrot has the same speaking ability as the African Grey or the Double Yellow Headed Amazon.  The Eclectus have a high screech which is not often used as well as a variety of flute-like sounds.  They also chortle.  

Generally speaking the smaller sub-specie;  the Solomon Island Eclectus is a thought to be a gentler bird than the Australian Eclectus who is much larger and more domineering.  The male and female make equally good pets.  The Eclectus parrot forms a strong social bond with the whole family.  They are devoted to their social group - not just an individual.  (Unless only one person spends time with them).   

The Eclectus parrot explores and learns with their beak, occasional nips are part of the parcel, but you should gently discourage them.  We say that Eclectus lead with their beak.  Before they step up onto your hand they will check with their beak if it is a safe place to step onto.  They are not reaching out to bite, they are merely checking if it is secure enough to step on.  Don't be afraid.  Let them check it out.  Don't pull back.  Once they see it is safe they will step up.  

Eclectus enjoy flying and often scream while they fly around getting rid of all that extra energy.  

For the Eclectus to be happy it needs:
bulleta loving family.  They don't do well in a stressful home.  
bulleta good nutritional diet
bulleta clean cage 
bulletregular baths or showers
bullettime spent out of the cage every day
bullettime spent with its people every day
bulletsunlight or the UV lights that are for birds    
bulletplaytime that includes a good variety of toys
bulleta fixed daily routine that includes 10 - 12 hours of sleep each night.
bulletRemove all TeflonTM   products in your home or use them only in a well ventilated area away from your bird(s). When overheated, Teflon, which really includes all non-stick surfaced products, gives off an odourless toxic gas that will kill your bird. 

The Eclectus Parrot requires a daily diet that is abundant in fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, sprouts, and fresh greens.  For more information on their diet go here.  

The Eclectus Parrot requires space.  It should be able to stretch its wings in it's cage.  They enjoy climbing,  swinging and hanging upside down.  The cage should placed where the parrot has a clear view of the household activities, but not in a main traffic area.  If you have evening company that stay late, consider a sleeping cage for your new bird.  Ecelctus babies need 12 hours of sleep each night.  The baby will complain if it is trying to sleep and you are visiting.  It is better to have another cage in a private room where your baby ekkie can go to sleep.  We use newspaper for the bottom of our cages.  Get as large a cage as you can afford and have space for within reason, we recommend:  
bulletApproximately 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall or larger.
bullet1-inch to 1 3/16 inch bar spacing.
bulletAt least three non-dumpable food dishes.  Preferably stainless steel.
bulletNatural wood perches, such as manzanita or ribbon wood.
bulletPowder coating or stainless steel.

Eclectus are sweet birds that respond well to kisses on the beak accompanied by soft, affectionate vocalizations.  Talk softly and give physical affection, but do not force it on the baby bird.  Your baby bird  may like to be petted on it's back, but it is rare that a Eclectus likes its head scratched or even touched.  

Training is a very important part of  having a happy pet.  Eclectus are intelligent and need to learn appropriate behaviour.  We recommend reading Barbara Heidenreich's book, 'Good Bird'. 

For more information on Eclectus Parrots click here.

Mike & Gwen Toews

Breeder of Solomon Island Eclectus

Toews Parrot Place


GE: Grand Eclectus

RSE or RS: Red Sided Eclectus

SIE or SI: Solomon Island Eclectus

VE or VOS: Vosmaeri's Eclectus

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