Breeder’s of Eclectus Parrots, Timneh African Grey, Great Billed Parrot, Cape Parrot

The answers to some of these questions are our opinions.  Please read up on our links page to see what other people say.

bullet Are you the breeder?  Yes.  We only sell baby birds that have been bred in our home by the parent birds that we own.
bullet Are they hand-raised?  Yes.  We hand feed all the babies and socialize them.
bullet Are they banded?  Yes, they are AAC stainless steel closed banded at around 10 days of age.
bullet How much are they?  We charge $1400 for a baby Eclectus.  Shipping ($150) and the vet check ($195) are extra.
bullet What is your health guarantee?  Check out Our Aviary page, scroll down to the Health Guarantee.
bullet What is their temperament like?  Each bird is different as each has it’s own personality.  Generally speaking they are very sweet.  If you are gentle with them, they will be gentle with you.
bullet Are they really loud?  We don’t think so.  This of course is a subjective question.  The Eclectus are  quieter than the Quaker we have.  The Quaker vocalizes the most often.  The Eclectus does have a loud screach.  The Eclectus only use it as a warning call, which is not very often. They also acclimatize themselves to the noise level around them.  If they are in a loud environment they will become loud.
bullet Do they chew lots?  The Eclectus do not chew much at all.  
bullet Do they bite lots?  Biting is a learned behavior.  Every bird will bite at some time.  We recommend reading “The Beak Book” by Sally Blanchard.  She explains why birds bite and what to do to prevent it.
bullet What is their talking ability like?  The Eclectus have good talking ability.  Although not every bird will choose to talk.    
bullet Do they travel well?  Yes, with the proper equipment.
bullet How are they with children?  We do not recommend Congo Greys for children.  Eclectus are generally ok.  I would never leave any bird unsupervised with children.  
bullet What are some good books to read?  Check out our Products page for a list of good books.
bullet Can we come and see your birds?  No.  We do not put our birds at risk for disease.  Also, having strangers around disturbs the adult birds and can cause them to harm the eggs or babies that may be in the nest.  However, we do allow the purchaser of a baby to come and see that baby.
bullet What is the cost involved in owning a bird?  First is the cost of the bird, then the shipping and annual medical expenses.  You will need a cage (the larger the better) and toys.  Lots of toys.  Rotating toys is best.  Food is another monthly expense.  
bullet What is a good environment for a baby bird?  Birds like a quiet environment that feels safe and secure.
bullet How much time does a bird require?  They need at least 2 hours of your time each day.
bullet How much sleep does a bird require?  10 – 12 hours each night.
bullet What is the waiting time, more or less for a baby bird?  Usually 6 months to a year.
bullet How do they get along with other birds?  It depends on all the birds involved.
bullet Do you sell internationally?  Not at this time.
bullet Do you sell adult birds?  Or re-home birds?  Occasionally.  We may know of someone who is needing to sell a bird that we could refer you to.
bullet Do you ship?  Yes, anywhere in Canada.  However, we do not ship when it is below +5 and above 28 degrees.
bullet Where are you located?  Manitoba, Canada
bullet Do you have any pictures?  Yes.  We e-mail photos of the babies along with updates to the new owners.  We can also e-mail photos of the parents.
bullet What about hormones?  It is a part of any birds life.  Properly training your bird will help a lot.  Read up on it and prepare for that time.  They grow out of it much like adolescence and if they were handled properly during that time they become very nice adult pets. 
bullet Do Eclectus like to be cuddled?  They like to be with you, watching you and close by.  Some enjoy being cuddled.  Many do not like to be pet.
bullet At what point do you require the down payment?  When the baby is older and we have settled on the sale.  This is after our questions have been answered and we feel it is a good home for this particular bird.
bullet How do I proceed to purchase a baby bird from you?  The first step is to go on a waiting list.  When we have an available baby we will contact you.  At that time we will ask some questions and proceed from there.
bullet At what age do they have their first moult?  Around 6 – 9 months.
bullet Is there a difference between the male and female Eclectus?  Both are sweet.  Each baby has it’s own personality.  Some females may be a bit more headstrong. Some males may get into a bit more trouble as they may explore more.  In the wild the males forage for food and then bring the food to the nest to feed the female.  The males may be louder as they sound the warning call in the wild.  Both are relational and enjoy being with you. 
bullet What are the differences between the Eclectus sub species?  Many people feel the Solomon Island makes the best pet as many people feel the Solomon Island has a better temperament.  The Solomon Island Eclectus is one of the smaller sub-species.