Our Aviary

Breeder of Eclectus Parrots, Timneh African Grey & Greater Jardine Parrots
“Eclectus parrots are typically not noisy, screaming birds unless the environment and your management practices develop those behaviors.” by Laurella Desborough

Canadian Bird Breeder’s Listing

Our babies are lovingly hand-raised by us (Mike, Gwen and Ryan) in our smoke-free home. They are spoon fed, not crop fed. This means that we spend more time with them at each feeding. They are abundance weaned and self-wean when they are ready, usually around 16-20 weeks. The babies are closed banded around 10 days of age. If you prefer no band just let us know when you place your order. We can have the vet micro-chip them at the vet check up for the extra cost. All our babies are played with regularly and introduced to a variety of sights and sounds.

They go to their new home with a written Health Guarantee, a hatch certificate, and a information packet.

All of our babies have been established on nutritious vegetables, fruit, sprouts, cooked grains, cooked lentil mix and a seed mix to ensure a foundation of nutrition, variety and stimulation. We do not recommend Pellets to be their main diet. Eclectus do best on a low to no pellet diet. We do understand that there are times when a pellets diet may be needed but these times should be limited.

We allow all our babies to fledge. Fledging is very important to the baby parrots. They wait until they can fly to completely wean. I’m sure this is necessary for survival in the wild. If their wings are clipped they can develop a fear of falling and can bite to protect themselves. For this and other reasons we do not recommend clipping their wings as we feel it can damage their personality. It is up to you to show them the mirrors and windows, to keep your toilet lid shut, and make sure you only let them out to fly when it is safe for them to do so. Article on wing clipping. If you want their wings clipped let us know and we will give them a baby clip before sending them home.

Never clip only one side as this leads to bad navigation and could cause the bird to injure itself.

Our baby parrots may be seen by their new owners after 10 weeks of age by appointment. Because their immune systems are fragile we ask that you wait until after they are 10 weeks of age.

Baby parrots need gentle handling and the initial socialization by the breeder needs to be followed up by proper training and further socialization by their new owners. Our work provides a foundation for the baby parrots to develop into confident gentle pets. Please read up on the proper training (positive reinforcement) of baby parrots as poorly trained pet birds are not fun to have.