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To be included on this list just drop us an e-mail.  This list is not an endorsement of any breeder listed and breeders are in alphabetical order. Quebec Avian vets and Bird Clubs are listed at bottom of page. Please let us know of any changes you may have.  Thank you.

*  If your aviary is in red it means that your contact info is not working.  Please email us the correct info before we delete you.

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Quebec Bird Breeders

Breeder Name & Address


Boileau's Beautiful Birds
Gail & Cluade
Gatineau, Quebec
(819) 684-1601
email us
bulletAfrican Greys: Timneh, Congo
bulletLineolated Parakeets
bulletConures:  Green Cheeks, Fiery Shouldered, Rose Crowned, Peach Fronted, Finchi, Crimson Bellied
bulletMacaw: Hahn's
bulletPionus: Maxi, White capped, Dusky
bullet Quakers
bulletRock Pebbler
Centre Aviare La Molisana
Monique Mignelli
Repentigny, Quebec
(450) 585-5700
(514) 830-8622
email me
bulletAfrican Grey: Congo
bulletCaiques: White-bellied
bulletConures: Blue Crowned
bulletMacaw: Green Wing, Blue & Gold
Feather Beds for Wrent
Lori Thompson
St-Hubert, Quebec
e-mail me
Oisellerie Good Bird
Good Bird Aviary
St-Constant, Quebec
Ph: (514) 502-1504

All our birds are DNA disease tested for Polyoma, Chlamydia, Pacheco's and PBFD.
bulletConures: Fiery Shouldered, Rose Crowned, Painted, Pearly, Crimson Bellied,
Green Cheeked (Normal, Yellow Sided and Cinnamon)
Orange Fronted (also known as Petz and Half Moon) Conures
Ste-Anne du Sault
(819) 367-2621
email us
bulletCaiques: Black Headed
bulletLory: Blue Streaked
bulletParakeets: Splended, Yellow Tourqoisine, Bourkes, Princess of Whales, Hooded Blue and Opaline Red Rumps, Rubino Rosellas, Stanley Rosellas, Red Wing Barrabands
bulletPoicephalus: Meyers, Brown Head, Senegal,


KAP Aviary 
Montreal, Quebec
bulletAfrican Grey: Congo
bulletLineolated Parakeets
La Volière
Oisellerie certifié M.A.P. 
(450) 831-2822
e-mail me
bulletMacaws: B&G, Scarlet, Military, Green Wing
bulletConures: Green Cheek, Black Cap, Fiery Shouldered, Maroon Bellied & Cinnamon Green Cheeks.
P.O. Box 273
St-Sauveur, Québec, Canada J0R1R0 
(450) 432-7685
Jocelyne or Ruth
Leg Band # FONA
We are Canadian and North American Champions breeders for finches and parrots. 
For all birds other than Budgies, we do suggest very strongly that any new babies purchased from us be tested by way of PCR for the 4 P’s + in some cases we strongly recommend as well a full blood panel profile be done.

For our large parrots such as cockatoos, we do PCR for the 4P’s for all new baby parrots.

Our breeders are for the most part tested for the 4P’s + we do random checks for Chlamydia Psittaci on a regular basis to ensure that this disease is not shed by our parrots. That being said, we feel that even if the parrots are tested for Chlamydia Psittaci, if the bird does carry this disease but is not shedding same, results obtained are not that useful as negative may not be real negative.
bulletBudgies: small ones and English budgies
bulletBouvreuil Pivoine 
bulletCochabamba’s de Andes (Chipiu Sanglé)
bulletCockatiels: Normal, White face cinnamon, White face normal, Pearls, Yellow cheek (dominant), Cinnamon, White face lutino (completely white bird), Silver recessive and silver dominant, lutino, pied (with various other mutations.
bulletCockatoos: Rose breasted
bulletConures: Green Cheek: Turquiose mutation and normal
bulletDerbyan Parrot: sub species Chinensis
bulletFinches: Zebra
bulletLovebirds: Taranta, Peach face: Lutino, Albino, Opaline (Blue series and Green series), Orange face, Fishers (Albino)
bulletIndian Ringnecks (IRN): Normal and rare mutations
bulletMollucan Lori
bulletPerruche de Jonquille 
bulletRed Rump Parakeets
bulletRosella (eastern): Green back variety, Crimson rosella
bulletSplendid Parakeets
bulletTouraco: White cheek
LGL Aviaries
Lena & Gaetan Labrie
Greenfield Park
e-mail me
bulletCockatiels: Cinnamon, pied, lutino, pearl, cinnamon-pearl, whiteface, whiteface-pearl or pied, whiteface-lutino
bulletParrotlets: (Celestial) Green, Blue, Fallow, Blue-Fallow, Lutino, Abino
bulletMacaw: Hahns
bulletConures: Green-Cheek & Maroon-bellied
bulletParrotlets:  Spectacle
bulletLineolated Parakeets: Green, Dark Green, Mauve, Creamino, Cobalt, Lutino, Blue-Turquoise
M & L Aviaries
Michelle Heald & Lorne Shiaman
St.Lazare, Quebec
e-mail me

Leg Band code: M&L


bulletAmazons: Double Yellow Headed
Mini-Plume Breedings
Julie Thibault & Marie-Diane Labrie
Quebec Champion breeders & exhibitors
(450) 658-4327

Leg band code: OMP

bulletFinches: Lady gouldians, cream-ino,chocolate and red brown mutations African silverbills, Blue capped Cordon bleu, Strawberry finch, Owl finch & Bengalese .
Oisellerie les Amours à Josée
Josée Douville
St-jean sur Richelieu, Québec
(450) 359-6701
bulletConures: Green cheek, and mutation cinnamon, yellow-sided and pineapple
bulletConures: Maroon-bellied
bulletLovebirds: Peach face and White face violet
bulletParrotlets: Pacific Blue, Green, White pastel and yellow pastel, and Blue Fallow
bulletQuakers: Green
Oisellerie DJ Inc.
Dolores Boucher
Broisbriand, Quebec
(450) 430-7916
e-mail me
Do DNA disease test
bulletLineolated Parakeets
Oisellerie Domingo
Eric Plouffe
Bedford, Quebec
bulletAfrican Grey: Congo
bulletBourke: Rose, Lutino, Rubino
bulletCaique: White Bellied, Black-cap
bulletConure: Sun, Blue-head, Bleu-trough, Yellow-side, Crimson
bulletKakariki: Lutino
bulletMacaws: Hahn's,
bulletParakeets:  Alexandrine, Ringneck, 28 Parrot,
bulletPionus: Blue Headed, White Capped
bulletPoicephalus: Meyers (Blue Bellied), Senegal, Brown Head, Jardine 
bulletQuaker: Green


Oisellerie PLB
Pier-Luc Bérard

Drummondville, Quebec   J2B 0H8
Ph. (819) 850-4276

Oisellerie PLB 
Centre d'élevage et de conservation de perroquets
Testé pour les principales maladies aviaires
bulletAfrican Grey: Congo
bulletCaique: Black capped
bulletCape Parrot
bulletConures: Maroon fronted, Dusky, Rose crown, Green Cheek, Yellow-side Green Cheek, Black cap, Blue head, Orange front, Crimson
bulletHawk Headed Parrot
bulletLory: Yellow-collared
bulletMacaw: Hahns
bulletPionus: Blue head, Maximilian, Bronze wing, Dusky, White cap
bullet Conures: Dusky, soleil,  tête bleue, front orange, couronne rose, joue verte, yellowside et crimson.
bullet Pionus: Tête bleue, Front blanc, Maximilien, Ailes de bronze, Dusky.
bullet Africain: Jardine, Gris d'afrique congo, Youyou du Sénégal, Cape parrot.
bullet Loris: Collier jaune, striée bleu, arc-en-ciel
bullet Caïque: Tête noire
bullet Ara: hahn's, Macao
Oisellerie TB
Tania Boucher

St-Amable, Québec
(514) 618-2033
Breeders are DNA disease tested for Polyoma, Psitticosis, Pachecos and PBFD.

bulletCaique: Black headed
bulletConure: Green cheeks
bulletIndian Ringnecks
bulletPionus: Blue Head, Dusky, Bronze wings
Veronique Pernet
Rougemont, Quebec
(450) 469-1903
bulletConures: Green Cheek, Orange-fronted (half moon)
bulletParakeet: Scarlett Chested
Plumes de Ville 
Fernand Dufresne
(514) 524-3510
e-mail me
Breeders are DNA disease tested for Polyoma, Psitticosis, Pachecos and PBFD

bulletCaique: White-bellied
bulletMacaw:  Illigers
bulletPoicephalus: Jardine, Meyers, Brown-headed, Cape parrot
bulletPionus: White-capped, Dusky
Ruby Eyes Aviary
Stephane Bruneau
Montreal, Quebec
e-mail me
Jack Fasoli
Saint Eustache , Quebec
Tel: (450) 473-9157
Fax: (450) 473- 3711
bulletAfrican Grey: Congo
bulletCockatoos: Goffin and Umbrella  
bulletMacaw: Blue & Gold
Volière Bobek
Bobek Aviary
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 747-4841
(514) 962-9434

bulletCaiques: White bellied
bulletConures: Sun, Golden, Crimson Belly
bulletParakeets: Moustache
Volière KC Aviaries
Kim Claxton
Bury, QC
(819) 872-3366
bulletCockatiels: Normal, Cinnamon, Lutino, Various Pearls, Various Pieds, Whiteface, Dominant Yellow Cheek, Whiteface Lutino (also known as Albino), and various mixed mutations
bulletSenegal Parrots

Quebec Avian Veterinarians:   (if you know of others let us know)
List taken from the Association of Avian Veterinarians:  
Michele Pilotte
5435 Chemin Chambly
St. Hubert, QC J3Y-3P2
Phone: 450-443-1461
Fax: 450-443-5930
Bird and Exotic Veterinary Hospital
Owned by Dr. Corina Lupu
Dr Beaulieu
6090 Sherbrooke W.
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 486-5258

Denis Lefebvre
2151 Boul. des Forges
Trois-Rivières, G8Z 1T9
Phone: (819)374-8535
Fax: (819)370-3084
Marie-Josee Hamel
45809 Chemin Chambly
St Hubert, J3Y 3M8
Phone: 514 443-1461
Fax: 514 443-5930
Dr. Julie Hebert
Veterinary Hospital
Autoroute 440
1676 Boul des Laurentides
Vimont, Laval
Hopital Vétérinaire Taché
Christine Chouinard
379 Tache boulevard
Hull, J9A 1M4
Phone: 819-777-5583
Fax: 819-777-7483

Hospital Veterinaire Laurier
Christian D'orangeville
267 Laurier W
Montreal, H2V-2K1
Phone: 514-277-0977
Université de Montréal 
[Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire, Bibliothèque de Médecine Vétérinaire]

Parrot Clubs of Quebec:

bullet Amateurs d'oiseaux du Centre du Quebec
bulletAssoc. des Amateurs d'Oiseaux de la Mauricie,  (819) 367-2621 
bulletAssociation quebecoise des amateurs de perroquets (AQAP) (e-mail only)
bullet Association des eleveurs d'oiseaux de Montreal  
bullet Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
bulletAvicultural Association of Montreal (e-mail only)
bullet The Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society of Canada (Inc.)
bulletCanadian Lory Group (e-mail only)
bulletCanadian World Parrot Trust
bulletClub Ornithologue Laval Quebec (e-mail only)
bulletThe Hookbill & Foreign Bird Association (e-mail only)
bullet Montreal Cage Bird Society  (Club d'amateurs d'oiseaux de Montreal Inc.)
bulletNapoleon Foundation  (e-mail only)
bullet Parrot Association of Canada

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