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We got Jasmine, a beautiful Solomon Island Eclectus, from the Parrot Place in October of 2004.  She has adjusted to our home and loves to be with her new "flock".   She is now a year old and has already acquired quite a vocabulary.  "Peek-a-boo", "hello", "hello, pretty bird" and "I love you" are some of her favorite sayings.  We look forward to teaching her more words and phrases; we might even teach her to be bilingual!

John & Lina

Mokey is absolutely wonderful, she is quiet but very sweet. She chases our dog around and cuddles with me after her shower. We all love her! The vet told me that she was one of the nicest she has ever seen. 
Thanks again,
Chris & Diane

We purchased our Eclectus from Toews Parrot Place and have been most pleased with every aspect of our purchase since day one.  We searched for a reputable breeder and Gwen and her crew came highly recommended by everyone we spoke to.  They nurtured our Venus until the day that he was able to come home, and that handling and caring has made for a very social bird who loves everyone that visits our home.  If you are looking for a breeder that goes the distance, I would suggest that your search is over now that you've found Toews'.

Venus is fabulous.  We just adore him.  He is such a sweet natured bird.  We find him to be very entertaining.  He chatters a lot.  He always says peek-a-boo when you walk into the room.  He is very playful and always thinking.  He's learnt how to take the bells off the bottom of his toys.  He also likes to throw his wooden toys out of the dish.  They make a tremendous racket which pleases him immensely.  He likes to visit the cockatiels although it's really because he wants their food.  Guess it must look better or something.  Anyway, he fits right in and we are really enjoying him.
I had waited a long time for a solomon island female to share my life with.  Dharma is that little girl and she is perfect.  As a baby, she had the best start in life with her other mamaclec Gwen and came to me, healthy, beautifully feathered, fully food independent, fully fledged and full of adventure and mischief.  She continues to delight and impress all who meet her with her beauty, her astonishing flying skills, her playfulness ... she loves her toys and open baskets that I give her.    She has numerous vocalizations, including Hi, Hello, Peek a boo, good girl Dharma, and Doo Dee, Doo Dee Dharma! with many nuances and variations.  Just recently she has started singing in a falsetto warble to 'You are my Baby, my Doo Dee Baby... etc' (tune of 'you are my sunshine').  Even though she shares me with five other parrots, she always manages to let me know when she needs just that few extra minutes of one on one time, or wants to do a bit of flight recall training which is her all out delight.  She is intensely independent but to this day loves her five minutes cuddle with me first thing in the morning and just before her bedtime.  I could not imagine a more unique and well adjusted little girl clec who lives up to every bit of her title of "Her Royal Highness Princess Doo Dee Dharma"!  ... or "Princess Dharma" ... when she is moving faster than you can say her name!   In those quiet magic moments when she is ever so slightly sleepy and cuddles her plush velvet body just under my chin, for a few blissful minutes while I inhale her fine perfume, there is just this hushed calm quiet filled with love and trust ... for me and my Dharma.  I love her so very very much!
       Hi Gwen,
Deago is doing great!!! He has become such a wonderful part of our family.  He is so friendly and loves to be a part of everything.  He flies around the house and enjoys his favorite places.  I'm so happy with him.  Thank you so much for a beautiful bird and a wonderful part of our family!!! Candie


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