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Some Things That May Indicate 

It's a  Scam

You know the saying, 'if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is'.

This page is to warn people.  It's also for those who have been scammed or almost scammed to share their stories and hopefully help others avoid the same fate.  

What you can do:

If you have been scammed please forward all the e-mails to the RCMP fraud e-mail address:

Recol has a site for "Economic Crime/Computer Crime run by the RCMP:  Please let them know when you see these scam ads.  

The RCMP number is: 1-888-495-8501.  You can email them at and send them whatever information you have collected.

Recol also has a listing of various ways you can be taken advantage of.  It is good to read through them to protect yourself.  It is their protection/education link.  

See also the Internet Crime Complaint Center: 

Tips to protect yourself:

bulletBe wary of deals that are to good to be true.  
bulletDo not assume they are legitimate. 
bulletBe cautious when dealing with people from other countries. 
bulletKnow the laws for your transaction.   
bulletResearch the individual or company to ensure they are authentic.
bulletContact the Better Business Bureau to check the validity of the company.  They also have a complaint section to report fraud.  
bulletAlways compare the link in the email to the link that you are actually directed to.  Same with email addresses and postal addresses.  
bulletAsk for names of other customers and contact them.
bulletThey may pretend to be a legitimate company even using their logo, etc.  Call the company and make sure they have a branch in the country they claim as well as that they recognize the names of the people you are dealing with.  
bulletKnow their warranty or return policy. 
bulletAsk lots of questions.

What are the warning signs:

bulletIt's cheap.   
bulletThe seller is from another country. 
bulletThey use a cell phone or contact is by email only. 
bulletAdditional fees are requested to complete the transaction.  
bulletMoney is required up front.
bulletSpelling errors, grammar problems, or inconsistent information.
bulletThey get pushy, rude or try to manipulate you. 

Testimonials from people who have been scammed or were almost scammed:

(If you fit into this category and would like to share your experience to help others email us:

From Janet: 

Well, it does not take much to get scammed; you believe in what they say and if you really want the bird you will pay anything.

Well, for one I applied to get birds from (internet for sale list) and it happened to be in Cameroon.  I did not know that I would have so much trouble. 

It started out to be $300.00 for a pair of parrots.  It ended up to be $4000.00.  I would get emails saying please send money for the quarantine, the price of the birds, registration papers and a vet check to make sure all are in good health.

Then I found out the birds were to be on the way, to me I was so excited as he told me they were 4 months old and can talk and say 'good morning', 'good day' and 'good evening'.  He said they were not screamers or pluckers. 

I had a urgent email from Paris Airport saying the birds were there but they left the airport doors open and they became very sick and I needed to send money right away for their medical attention and medication.  So, as I wanted these babies really bad I sent more money.  

Then I found out they were sent back to Cameroon, so I had to pay all the quarantines again.  I had to pay quarantine and license for the birds three times as they were then shipped to Switzerland airport and for some reason they did not have all the papers so they were held and I was told if I did not send money for the  rest of the papers that Nuka and Narla will be killed.  I sent more money.  Then Marion Cindy emailed me saying the birds are back in Cameroon and again he asked for more money.  He also needed my help as his bird license ran out, so I was kind and sent money for that.  I almost forgot about the lawyer calling me as Marion sued the Paris airport and was in court for a few months over the matter.  I had to pay for a lawyer for me in Cameroon.  If I did not pay I was to go to Cameroon to testify.  

The lawyer told me if I pay all I would receive back is $3000.00 as we won the case, but I would not get the money until I received the birds.

Marion would email telling me he had a cardiac attack and needed me to get things fixed so he could rest.  

It has been going on and on and stupid me I believed him as I have a big heart and trust to easy.

Till this day I now have his wife emailing me telling me to pray for Marion as he is in the hospital with another cardiac arrest and in a coma now for 30 days.  She says that she has bought new birds and they are 4 months old and two have been sent to me and I am still waiting to receive.  This was sent to me as of yesterday, June 5, 2007.    

I want to warn people not to believe as I did.  It takes a lot out of you and for me I wanted these babies so bad that I did anything to try to get them home.  It was like a gambling addiction. 

I am now fighting it and have friends of mine on the case that are from Cameroon.  It has been going on for months and I have some answers but not enough, so it is still on the go.

If you are wanting a bird make sure it is from Canada and email pictures have been sent along with any other information they can send.  

Today I am out $4000.00 and no baby birds for me to enjoy.  So please be careful it is so easy to be taken and they talk so well that it really does make you believe.  They are very good at what they do. 

Thanks Gwen.  If you want to tell my story or if you want me to talk to someone I will be more than happy to do so as this person is still contacting me and the scamming has to stop.  I have been dealing with this now for one year.  

If you would like to talk with Janet email me (Gwen) privately: 




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