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Stages in the Life of Ivan

Ivan is one of our family pets, he is a male Solomon Island Eclectus.  He hatched here in our home and we hand fed him.  He was named Ivan because when our children were young my husband Mike would tell them ‘Ivan the Goose’ bedtime stories that he would make up as he went along.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed those stories and always wanted more.  When we decided to keep him, Ivan just seemed like the natural name for him.  

Here is an on-going account of his life and the stages he goes through.  

Dec. 06.  Ivan is 10 months old.  He is talking up a storm.  He says: Hello, Peek-a-boo, Good Boy, Good Morning Ivan, and many other words & sentences that we just can’t make out yet.  He also likes to make clicking sounds.

He loves to play with his toys and swing on his atom.  He also likes to be with us whenever he can.  He is our velcro man.

Feb. 07  Ivan will be a year old.  My husband has been trying to teach him to whistle.  He cannot whistle.  Instead he makes wheo whoo sounds (for the cat call).  It is very funny.

Ivan loves woven baskets.  We hang it up and fill it with toys.  He throws all the toys out and starts working on destroying the basket.

42 days old!  March 29/06

Is curious about everything.  Eats every four hours with a six hour break for night.  Is starting to vocalize and likes to be with us.

He is already 378 grams!