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Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
~~Emily Dickinson~~

Table of Contents

bulletHome Page.  This is about us our goal and our company.
bulletAbout Eclectus Parrots.  This is about our parrots and how to take care of them.
bulletOur Aviary.  This is about our aviary, the parents, the babies, prices, payment methods, shipping, and health guarantee.  There is a link on this page to pictures of our babies as well as a link to what buyers say about of our baby eclectus. 
bulletBONGO Bird Toys
bulletArticles.  On this page is a article on How to Take Care of Your New Eclectus.  Also links to articles on Teflon, Harmful Plants, Household Hazards, Traveling with Your Eclectus, Biting, and Parrot Precautions and Safety Alerts, Avian Nutrition, Behavioural Management, FAQ'SFeather Picking, Conservation, Parrot Species Comparison Chart, Safe Plants for Birds, Sexual Behaviours in Companion Parrots, To Clip Or Not To Clip, Weaning & Life After Weaning, Life with a Parrot, Parrot Games and Toys.
bulletRecipes.  This page is always growing as we try new things and as people who purchase our babies share new ideas with us.
bulletLinks.  Here you will find links on Eclectus Parrots, Health, Training, Parrot organizations, picking a name, what to feed your new parrot, etc.
bulletContact Us.
bulletCanadian Bird Breeders List.  On this page you will find a website within our site.  There is a Provincial listing of all the Canadian Bird Breeder's who ask to be listed.  Also, a list of leg codes, Canadian bird related businesses and bird sanctuaries.
bulletLost Birds.  Article on ideas to help you find a lost bird as well as a list of lost birds in Canada.
bulletBird Calendars.  
bulletTapes & DVD's





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