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This is a listing of bird species by the continent they come from.  

If you click on the link you will go to a page of breeders for the species of bird you click on.



Bird Specie

North America



South America

Amazons: Cuban, Red-spectacled, Yellow-faced, Blue-fronted, Yellow-crowned, Orange-winged, Mealy, Rusty-faced, Tucuman, Red-lored, Red-tailed, Blue-cheeked, Red-browed, Festive, Yellow-shouldered, Kawall's, Scaly-naped, Vinaceous, etc. 

Caiques: Black-headed, White-bellied, Pallid, Yellow-tailed, Yellow-thighed

Conures:  Sun, Nanday, Golden-plumed, Austral, Slender-billed, Green-cheeked, Blue-crowned, Golden, Maroon-Bellied, Pearly, Black-capped, Peach-fronted, White-eyed, Mitred, Dusky-headed, Cuban, Jandaya,  Brown-throated, Pfrimer's, Golden-capped, Scarlet-fronted,  Red-masked, Cactus, Blue-throated, Blaze-winged, Crimson-bellied, Maroon-tailed, Painted, Santa Marta, Fiery-shouldered, El Oro,  White-necked, Brown-breasted, Red-eared, Rose-headed, Andean, etc.


Hawk-headed Parrot


Macaws:  Hyacinth, Lear's, Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Red & Green, Chestnut Fronted, Blue-Winged, Golden Collared, Red-Bellied, Glaucous, Indigo, Spix's, Blue-throated, Military, Great Green, Red-fronted, Blue-headed, Red-shouldered, etc.  

Monk Parakeet (Quaker)

Parakeets: Caatinga, Plain,  Reddish-bellied, Madeira, Blue-winged, Dusky-billed,  Canary-winged, Yellow-cheyroned, Tui, Golden-tailed, Rose-ringed,  Burrowing, Gray-breasted, Maroon-faced, Grey-hooded, Mountain, Barred, Rufous-fronted,  Green-rumped, Grey-cheeked, Orange-chinned, Cobalt-winged, Golden-winged, etc.

Parrotlet: Blue-winged, Spectacled, Dusky-billed, Pacific, Yellow-faced, Tepui, Amazonian, Lilac-tailed, Scarlet-shouldered, Blue-fronted, Sapphire-rumped, Brown-backed, Golden-tailed, Spot-winged   

Parrots: Black-headed, White-bellied, Bald, Red-fan, Yellow-eared, Red-capped, Brown-hooded, Rose-faced, Saffron-headed, Orange-cheeked, Caica, Vulturine, Black-winged, Indigo-winged, Red-faced, Short-tailed, Yellow-faced, Blue-bellied 

Pionus: Blue Head, Bronze Wing, Dusky, White Cap, Maximilian, Coral Billed 







African GreyCongo, Timneh, Cameroon

Love Birds: Grey-headed, Red-faced, Black-winged, Black-collared, Peach-faced, Fischer's, Yellow-collared, Nyasa, Black-cheeked

Parrots/ Piocephalus: Brown-head, Cape, Brown-necked, Grey-headed, Jardines; Black winged, greater, lesser, Meyers, Red-bellied, Senegal, Ruppell's, Niam-Niam, Yellow-faced, Greater Vasa, Lesser Vasa or Black Parrot




Parrots/ Psittacula: Blue-crowned Hanging parrot, Great Billed Parrot, Ring-necked, Alexandrine, Newton, Slaty-headed, Intermediate, Long-tailed, Blossom-headed, Seychelles, Moustached, emerald-collared, Derbyan, Plum-headed, Mauritius, Blyth's, Malabar 


Australia & Oceania



Cockatoos: Glossy Black, Palm, Yellow-tailed, Red-tailed, Short-billed Black, Gang-gang, Galah, Long-billed Black, Corella, Sulphur-crested, Major Mitchell's, Pink, Long-billed Corella, Little Corella, Western Corella  


Finches: Gouldian, 

Lorikeet: Rainbow, Musk, Purple-crowned, Scaly-breasted, Varied, Little Lorikeets  

Parakeets:  Golden-shouldered, Hooded, Red-rumped, Mulga, Rock, Elegant, Turquoise, Blue-winged, Orange-bellied, Scarlet-chested, Kakarikis, 

Parrot: Australian King-Parrot, Fig Parrot, Bourkes, Red-cheeked parrots, Red-winged, Ring-necked, Red-capped, Swift, Superb, Ground, Night, Black-lored,   


Rosella: Crimson, Yellow, Green, Eastern, Northern, Western, Pale-headed  


Canaries, Doves, Finches, Quail
Weavers & Whydahs
Insects & Live Foods

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